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Joatha Business Development Consultants (JC) was established in 2002 by Ihsan Ali Bu-Hulaiga. JC has a network of highly qualified associate consultants in Saudi Arabia, and partner organizations in the UK, Germany, and India.

JC has expanded to include teams of skilled professionals at several levels of consulting and analytical expertise. JC extends its services to both the government and private sector in Saudi Arabia and rest of the GCC region. JC services its clients from its offices in Olaya, the heart of Riyadh’s business district.


Joatha Business Development Consultants, your knowledgeable partner in Saudi and GCC business. Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC economies form the oasis of business opportunities in the MENA region. Joatha Business Development Consultants has deep understanding of this oasis. We are experienced in identifying and developing potential business opportunities. Our profound understanding of the trends of business enables us to help devise the adequate entry strategy into the Saudi market. Our strong business connections allow us to help select reliable business and investment partners. Joatha’s clients are assured to receive quality advice that relies on comprehensive data resources and rich and relevant experience.

Joatha Business Development Consultants was founded in the second half of year 2002, in Riyadh by Dr. Ihsan Ali Bu-Hulaiga. Joatha consulting services extends to cover Business Development, performance improvement, supply chain management, Management Information Systems, and Economic modeling consulting.

Joatha helped establish projects in both business and government sectors. Joatha’s advisory services cover urban planning and regional economic planning, employment and human development, financial services including investment banking and insurance. Joatha partnered with the ministry of Labor to develop the Saudi Employment Strategy, with the ministry of Higher Education to develop a strategy to bridge the gap in the job market relevant to Saudi graduates, with Arriyadh Development Authority to develop alternatives to finance Arriyadh Light Rail and to regenerate Dhreya district. Joatha played a pivotal role in founding, developing business strategies, and restructuring various projects in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.