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Business Development

Business Development projects are usually highly unstructured. In many instances the idea is highly fluid and being developed. JC help in structuring the potential investment idea. JC works closely with the client to develop the value proposition and the business model. Once the project concept is settled, the focus moves toward demonstrating its market, operational, technical, and financial feasibility.  In various instances Jc was mandated to carry on the subsequent steps of developing the project into a business entity.

In many instances the client is not new to business but new to the Saudi and GCC markets. In case JC works with the client to establish a position.  Other International clients come with a decision to enter the market, but they want to work out the detailed steps in order to execute the market entry decision

JC provides support from the concept profiling to realization of the project if feasibility is proven and various risks are mitigated. This includes preparation of concept, pre-feasibility, and feasibility. An integral part of any business development effort is the market and financial modeling and analysis.

  • Concept profiling
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility
  • Cost benefit analysis and financial modeling
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