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Strategy Policy Design & Simulation

In business strategy is everything, as they say. Decision makers know their business well. In many instances they require support to sift through the big data looking for logical threads. The issue with big piles of data is not only the sheer size, but diversity and character.

JC has expertise working with large, diverse, heterogeneous and problematic data. Data problems are common. Data is never up-to-date, never complete and never accurate.

The decision making process is sensitive to rules, regulations, infrastructure, resources, clients, are competitors. JC has experience modeling the decision making situation.

Simulation is a key decision making tool. Complex decisions do not lend themselves to analytical modeling. JC provides solutions relevant to simulating situations and environment. The decision maker can test new courses or actions and develop relevant and detailed insight.

In the strategy policy design & simulation domain JC offers:

  • Policy design, evaluation, and analysis
  • Environment simulation
  • Data mining, including big and distorted data from heterogeneous sources
  • Modeling and simulation of decision making and alternatives’ evaluation
  • Scenario analysis and evaluation
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